Is Top Broker Services licensed in the State of California?

We are licensed Realtors and Brokers by the California Bureau of Real Estate and members of the California Association of Realtors (CAR). In addition, our management team has strong real estate backgrounds and most have experience. You will not find another management company in Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino county with our same ability to manage your rental.

Who will perform the maintenance on my home and what will it cost?

We use both in-house maintenance staff as well as approved vendors. We are competitive and handle all repairs per code which is required by law. The cost will be based on the specific repair and in all cases we attempt to send a technician that can handle multiple issues so your total cost is less. Keeping costs low is our goal.

How do you handle maintenance requests?

We provide online portals for our tenants or they can fax, email or mail their requests to us. The Tenant is your customer and we try to remedy the problem in a short amount of time. Whether the problem is an emergency and time sensitive or a non-emergency problem, we will handle the repair per California Property Code. If we identify the problem will put the tenant in danger from a health and safety standpoint, we will make the repair immediately to mitigate the owners risk and liability.

What makes Top Broker Services different from others?

We are the experts in the industry and we do this at below market rates. Honest, Reliable and Professional are the qualities we possess that set us apart from other property management companies. We always have our owner’s best interest in mind when it comes to managing their rental property and we work very hard for our owners every single day.

Why should I choose Top Broker Services to manage my Property/Properties?

If you are looking for the best value in residential property management, you have found it.  With a service offering that is as comprehensive as any in the market combined with the most cost-effective solution you will find anywhere, moving forward with Top Broker Services is a good business decision.

Who pays for any maintenance that needs to be done on my property?

Unless the tenant is responsible for damage or is negligent with regards to property maintenance, then owners bear the financial responsibility of paying for repairs.

How long will it take to rent my property?

For all of our properties that are market-ready and priced at market rates, our average days on market is extremely low.  For homes that are not in market-ready condition and/or or priced at above-market conditions, then it can take considerably longer to rent. Your vacancy period will also be affected by both the vacancy rate within the specific area and also the time of year as there are specific months in which properties lease faster.

Who determines the rent for my property?

Ultimately, the market determines the rental amount for your property and it is our job to provide you with good, reliable market information regarding market rent rates.  We will prepare a Market Rent Analysis – taking into consideration all the specifics and the unique qualities of your property. As such, we will always recommend market pricing to you but we allow our clients to choose the price point.

What do you charge for these services?

Top Broker Services has a very simplistic and cost-effective fee structure.  For multi-plexes and multi-family units, please contact us so we can provide you a custom quote.  For all other single-family homes, town homes, and condos, we have a leasing fee and a monthly management fee to manage your property 24x7x365, which is a small percentage of the gross rents collected.  That percentage is a number you will find to be below the standard nationwide.

What services does Top Broker Services provide?

Top Broker Services provides elaborate marketing campaigns to get your property maximum rental exposure.  In addition, we run nationwide criminal and credit background checks as well as income/employment verification on every prospective tenant to make sure we are finding you a qualified renter.  Beyond that, we sign the lease with the tenant, enforce the lease, collect rents, rapidly disburse rental proceeds to our owners via electronic transfer or check, and aggressively chase down rent when tenants don’t pay on time. We also inspect your property multiple times annually on an interior and exterior basis to ensure the property is being properly taken care of by the tenants. In addition, we have in-house maintenance solutions to address any maintenance issues that may arise and we are the only company that also allows our owners to coordinate their own maintenance if they choose.  Lastly, in the unlikely event of an eviction, we take care of all legal paperwork and work the legal processes to evict a non-paying tenant.

Where does Top Broker Services manage properties?

We manage property in Orange,Riverside and San Bernardino County in the Cities of Anaheim Hills,Yorba Linda, Chino Hills, Corona, Norco, and Eastvale.







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